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I'm sorry to everyone and to the world of fandom to have write this picky post but I'm currently incredibly tired and as such cannot abide certain niggles in the fandom.

Ok - Hogwarts is in Britain, and all the kids that go there are ...well, British.
So the muggle born students would have gone to mainstream school before hand.

Now I know that fanfic allows us bend rules, and boy is the bending of those rules fun..BUT, and its a big one...there are certain facts that really need to be given attention.

Eg.  Here in the UK we do not have spelling bees.
Kids up to the age of 11 study the following subjects - English, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Dance, R.E ( relgious education - studying all major faiths), I.T, Design and technology ( which involves woodwork, graphics, textiles and cooking) and MATHS.
sorry but I had to put that one in capitals.

I KNOW that it is picky but it really grates when I read otherwise lovely fics with these things in them.

Aaaaaand breath.


Now, I have neglected my LJ and thus showing off Sian Scabbard to the world but hopefully this will change soon.
Yesterday I came across a Charlie Weasely communtiy which I LOVE!!! 
Charlie pays a big role in Sian's life, so I was very pleased and there was a whole load of Charlie/Tonks fanart and fic which just made laugh out loud with joy.

Sian, Charlie and Tonks were all at Hogwarts together and all very close friends - so to see it was just so hilarious - LOVE it!

Anyway.....I will leave with this thought  - Warner Brothers? EVIL.
I need new Snape and I need him now.
Also, I need more than the 3 diff pics there are in the world of Tonks.
And Bill and Charlie aren't even in it :( 

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as if i didnt already know this fact... :)

<p><em>Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...</em></p><h4>Mrs. Snape</h4><p style="text-align:center"><img src="" width="400" height="526" /></p>
         <div><p>You like a guy of loyalty and intelligence and don't really mind if he comes across as a bit harsh.  Or a bit bastardy.  Or if he happens to terrify every child who crosses his path.  The point is that under that rough exterior lies...well, a rough interior.  But under that is a soft, squishy center and you don't mind at all that you're the only person in the world who gets to see it.</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p>(Fanart by Grant Gould  Used with permission.)</p></div><p><a href="">Take The Harry Potter Husband Test</a> at <a href=""><b style="color:#131313"><span style="color:#ac000c">H</span>ello<span style="color:#ac000c">Q</span>uizzy</b></a></p>
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FINALLY!!! at long long long last my internet at home is now working! which means I can upload all sorts of lovely fic and fact
I might upload some tomorrow night!!

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this is what happens when you try to post fic in your lunch hour!!!! 
its riddled with them so please forgive....xx 
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the saga of my internet...

when i moved house 2 months ago I thought getting the internet sorted would be an easy process...I was wrong!
I have a very demmanding job with very long hours and so not a lot of time to sort it and the providers dont exactly make that easy.
Anyway it will hopefully be up soon.....

if problems still occur I may take to uploading posts at work in my lunch hour like im making this post now.

Sian has evolved so much and I feel like her story has been lived over and over but none of it has been seen by you lot!
I've even managed to create an alrternate ending for it...or alternate middle/end....lots more artwork etc.
While I'm here let me give you a little tit-bit as it were....

Sian Helen Scabbard was born to parents Glyn and Kathleen Scabbard.
He was a wizard, from a pureblood Ravenclaw line and his wife was a strongwilled scottish seamstress, and a muggle.
They lived happily for several years, Sian's mother fully intrigued by wizarding culture and was close to her daughter.
They would sit together and talk about what subjects Sian would study at Hogwarts compared to those her father had studied.
He worked from home as a broomstick repairman, and taught Sian to fly them.
Sian's whole wizarding family had been in Ravenclaw and her father was certain she would end up there too, her mother reminded her often not to study too hard when she got to Hogwarts.

When Death Eater attacks became more frequent and Sian was still young, only 8 when the war was at its worst.
Her father knew her family was in danger because of his muggle wife and his half-blood daughter, some of the more fanatical Death Eaters were targeting families where a pureblood had married a muggle.
It happened one night, a group of Death Eaters lead by Bellatrix Lestrange attacked the Scabbard family home.
Knowing what would happen Kathleen and Glyn argued furiously, and Kathleen insisted that he take Sian to saftey, he was a wizard and his magic could protect her far better than she could - it broke his heart but as Lestrange broke through the front door Glyn apparated away with Sian in his arms and only a few posessions.

Glyn later learnt that Bellatrix had killed his wife. He never forgave himself for leaving her.
When he apparated away he fled to the first place that came to his mind....the path to Hogwarts school, as close as one could get by apparation anyway.
And he carried Sian all the way up to the school, where Hagrid found him looking dazed.
Dumbledore met with him and sent them to a safe house while a more permenant arrangement could be made.
At the safe house there were Order of the Phoenix memebers milling around, talking, joking and planning.
Sian met a young couple there who had a small baby boy, the woman was very nice to her and stopped her from being scared.
A short while after Sian and her father were relocated to a small muggle town celebration broke out across the country...Voldemort had fallen, and Sian soon found out that the nice couple she had met had been killed and their little boy was the one who had saved them all.

Three years later Sian was standing on the platform 9 and three quarters with her Father amazed and in awe.
She became distracted by an arguement a girl was having with her parents, the girl's hair was changing colour from pink to red and Sian gasped.

The girls found themselves being bundled onto the train at the same time while their panicking parents waved goodbye, the girls laughed and moved to a free compartment. They chatted and the girl with the hair that changed colour introduced her self as Nymphadora Tonks ( " but DONT call me Nymphadora! I hate it! just Tonks.")

After giggling away on the train and sharing the war stories of their parents the girls found themselves fast friends and when the sorting began they hoped they would be placed in the same house.
When Sian sat on the stool, the strangest thing happened - she had thought the shout of " Ravenclaw" was a forgone conclusion but instead the hat spoke to her and said, " sorry my dear, wrong guess," then the word "GRYFFINDOR!" rand out and a little shocked she hopped off the stool and joined the Gryffindor table.

n.b this is not part of the tale as such, just an intro to who Sian is, even though its only her beginning and there is much more to be told.
soon x

the title...

I think that later today I will finally be ready to post some bits and pieces of my EPIC fic.
The working title I'm going with is....

                        'Reasons' - S.S. Always. 

I should be able, later today to post the intro and some acompanying art....I'm debating which communtites to post it to, I don't know what the response will be to something that is so heavy on an OC, but its all I've got in me right now.
This particular fic is literally consuming my days...and I have sat on the train this week with a copy of GOF in front of me and a note pad making timeline notes and character notes like a mad person. I think that people thought i was writing some kind of insane essay or something.
But yes, Sian Scabbard shall be exposed as it were to the LJ community and hopefully will be well recieved.

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So the world is officially out to sabotage any atttempts and internetage that i may make at the moment.
Basically I got a new phone and uploaded its software onto my laptop, then deleted old phone software but because my old phone was a samsung and my laptop is a samsung I managed to delete some things I shouldn't of.

I am going to eventually set up a UK hp costuming communty if it kills me.
Sian is still on the go - got some amazing pieces for her costumes...including the most amazinf Sian top - very....well I can't say as it would give it all away before I've posted anything of her.
Which I will...eventually.
I cannot believe that my copies ( thats right both of them!) of GOF have disappeared.

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chocolate coated issues

Ok so no I haven't posted the first chapter of the fic - I went back to what I had to refine it and it was total crap - barely salvagable.
I have tracked down all my Potter books now except no.4
And yes I know I don't sound like a very dedicated fan......really I am.
My friends are actually concerned with my "obsession". And yes...yes it is an obsession and no I don't really care.

Anyway I need to make some more notes from GOF before I can refine that section of the fic.
This fic is turning into a whole Art/Poetry/Writing project.
A big one.

Oh and I have my wand! well...Severus' wand ......and squealed for hours I was so excited.

So the issues....I have managed to find loads of Snape didn't die communities and I stick with that...I believe it, I have to because I really cannot spend x- amount of time being depressive about it and crying and all sorts of unhealthy activities.
However mind goes to the place of Remus and Tonks.
I don't buy it and I don't believe it. I won't.
Firstly I don't buy that an Auror and Remus Lupin get killed but people such as Mr and Mrs Weasley ( who I LOVE and am not insulting or anything) who have no training manage to survive unscathed.
I also do not agree with Tonks being such a drippy love sick puppy that she runs off and gets herself killed looking for Remus - she is not that irresponsible.
And she is a parent - she wouldn't do that.
I choose to believe that niether of them died.
I also chose to believe that nothing happened to Fred - maybe he got injured - but an injury that was easily fixable by a spell or something.

In my fic, my version of events - all of them survived....I'm dubious about Percy though.
I can't face any version of reality where they died. 
I swore that if JK harmed the twins in anyway there would be issues - the maiming of George was more than enough.
I do not and will not and cannot except the "deaths" .

I've managed to get a fair bit of art done...a picture of Sian is on it's way and I'm very pleased with it.
I'm working on a costume for her...well bits of many.
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Patterns of the imagination

I'm still fiddling with my journal trying to get it to look right....and mostly failing.
One day I may have it looking right.

I felt very accomplished when I went to bed last night, I completed my first piece of fanart and I'm so proud of it!  It's a scene from my fic - towards the end. See there I was about to explain the whole thing and I've posted nothing of it on here! 
This is the problem you see, I don't know where to start it from - the point which I began writing it at is Harry's 4th year - the Yule Ball to be exact.  
I'll post the beginning later - this afternoon I'm going on a mission - to find a pattern or two for some robes for Sian.
My wand should get here on monday and I'm so excited! 

Anyway I'm going to get on it - I'll try and scan in the picture soon...a taster I suppose.

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The beginning

The beginning of a new journal is always a triumphant day and this one definately is....please excuse the home-made feel of the icons.
I'm far from good with computers.

Ok so basically I had this idea for a HP character insert type thing ages ago, I mean around the time that Goblet Fire was the latest book! And I've done some fidling with her and yes I suppose if you want to go there you could call her a mary-sue, but really she isn't.
She does not in any way detract from the characters as JK wrote them.
Anyway, she has significant background which I am still tweaking and the body of the MAMOUTH fic is in progress....and I'm becoming very proud of it.
It is completely cannon expect for her and her existance and presence during various events ....all expcept for the end - then I do some ...well, I'll let it be a surprise.

I need to get organised with her and the fic, I'm wanting to experiment with fanart AND I desperately want to make some costumes - just for me, just for fun but I very specific wants!

Today is even more of great day because I found and have ordered my order of the phoenix Snape figure! ahhh bliss.
And I indulged myself and ordered a replica of his wand - the official one.
Feeeel the excitement.
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